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The name is derived from the deep blue lapis lazuli, a semi-precious stone found in only a few countries, one of which is Chile.
Likewise, the members of LAZULIS also come from Chile. In search of new paths, they came to Germany, bringing with them bags full of music, rhythm, temperament, joy and melancholy are reflected in their songs. The repertoire includes songs by various Latin American composers with Spanish lyrics that tell of humanitarian respect, experiences from daily life , as well as love and melancholy, always conveying the temperament and the "Ritmo Latino".
Besides the classic well-known songs like "Guantanamera" and the Bolero "Besame mucho" LAZULIS also leads through less known Latin American music. Gentle melodies as well as beautiful two-part songs accompanied by traditional instruments like the guitar, mixed with some ethnic instruments like the "cuatro venezolano" (an instrument similar to the guitar only with 4 strings) or the "tinaja" (clay pot).
In their career, LAZULIS have participated in many events and scenarios in Germany, Belgium, Luxembourg and Austria. They earned a lot of praise and public recognition, their country, joy and melancholy always in their luggage.

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